I grew up amongst fragrances.

"When I was a child, every Saturday morning my father would sort out samples of the fragrances he had created during the week. I used to watch him from the sofa, anxiously waiting for him to call me at his side to choose my favorite.”

Roberta Cerizza

"Flowery head notes, synonymous with freedom and happiness, are contrasted by the black pepper of the heart notes that infuse the essence, disturbing the harmony. There is an obvious analogy between notes of the fragrance and personalities.

How can appearances be deceptive? Maybe, we are more than a look. Probably, nobody is what they seem to be. The appearance changes ourselves, it strips and clouds our soul that represents us as what we aren’t.

It makes us what the interlocutor decides we are.

Expressing our inherent emotions and the clearness of our state of mind, is the talent of strong people. To catch them is the talent of those who would like to move on. Challenge the role of the appearance, have fun cheating with it."


"He offered her the world, she said she had her own. Isn’t it weird? We ignore those who worship us, we worship those who ignore us, we love those who hurt us and we hurt those who love us.

Do you know the reason? Probably, it depends on our nature or maybe our experience of life. A twisted reaction but partially coherent.

The value of a diamond makes it not really accessible, and the wish to own it is often proportional to its accessibility. Diamond is the woman that runs and you cannot catch her. To you, Diamond, choose your best. You must be your primary choice.

You belong to you. Be jealous of what you have the right to call yours. Love yourself, you are enough."


"Someone makes her mark, somebody else quietly disappears. The unmistakable footstep, combined with her pragmatic approach, anticipates making her unique.

She is mysterious, enigmatic and characterized by her sophistication.

Innate elegance of body and mind, untouchable, but sharp as a strong emotion. The elegance is loud, it is what you could own without flaunting, simply bringing it with you: it is an attitude, it is what you can see, but you cannot describe and, above all, emulate.

It is not the dress that makes her elegant, it is just her. The elegance to talk, the elegance to move, the elegance to write, the elegance to be. Elegance that smells of boldness."


"The Woman is as rare as the black rose that exalts the top notes of the fragrance.

I’m not looking for my comfort zone, only risking I can stand out getting the best. I love to feel the thrill of surpassing myself. Don’t call it gamble, where you double or nothing, call it ambition.

If wrong, I get experience. The Japanese, when they break something, they used to fix it with a valuable material, often with gold. They believe, that the mistakes fortify, not wreck, so we have to enhance our mistakes. Tomorrow, they could be what moves you to winning."