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The Fragrances

Pineider is following the tradition that has made the brand famous,characterised by its exclusive and refined packaging which combines the use of prestigious materials with the high quality raw materials that are used to create the fragrance.

The lines have been created by author after a long and unmistakable olfactory experience to reproduce the refinement, exclusivity and charm of this historic brand. The bottle is characterised by a hammered deerskin covered metal top available in brown, ivory and yellow, and is presented in an antique-effect course mahogany container that represents perfectly Pineider’s philosophy and takes inspiration from the old method of fragrance shipping. The outstanding packaging takes its approach from the past, conveying immediately the sensation of authenticity, history and reliability to the new line.

Pineider "GIGLIO DI FIRENZE" is the ideal flower to offer to a proud woman, sophisticated and elegant: what we consider to be our queen.

Caterina de’ Medici (1519-1589), was an Italian noblewoman who was Queen of France from 1547 until 1559, as the wife of King Henry II. Caterina with extraordinary personality and charm, is considered the most perfumed lady in the Renaissance. When she moved to France she decided to bring with her the Florentine perfumes. “Giglio di Firenze” (The Lily of Florence) was her favourite fragrance and it was an extraordinary success.

Inspired by this scent, Caterina created a perfume with her identity “Acqua della Regina”. Even today, the “Giglio di Firenze”, emblem of the city of Florence, takes on many meanings. If in the language of flowers is always associated with positive feelings of femininity, in that of dreams is the symbol of loyalty (for men) and purity (for women). The “Giglio di Firenze” also leads to wealth, as rich are the raw materials that make up the fragrance.