Panama, the Neapolitan barber.

The tradition of the barber is old, but the Neapolitan “barbitonsore” is even older and more folkloric. At the time when a shave cost a “prùbbeca”, the most typical figure was the one of the itinerant barber. The barber's saloon did not exist yet, so the clever and sly barber hanging about the streets and guessing necessities and people's desires, working hours, pleased everyone, become a friend, a confident and an adviser in between a haircut and a hairstyle. Son of these traditions, Antonio (the founder), appeared on the Neapolitan scene in 1924, it took him very short to grow professionally and his style known; people remember how much he loved to shave.

Panama, Boellis for Man 

Boellis can represent today the true Italian reality, which combines tradition and innovation offering a perfume line and cosmetic products for men, sold all over the world in the most prestigious boutiques and refined perfumery shops.

The perfume is like vintage champagne... The best crop has been selected to realize extraordinary fragrances. The fragrances of Panama 1924 are contemporary and sophisticated and give elegance and dynamism at the same time.

Amaryllis BIANCO - Woman 

"I love to compare a woman to a flower, sophisticated and delicate, but always proud and capable to highlight her personality. I found all these features in a flower I really love.

It was winter, I was in the middle of a white field of Amaryllis that, caressed by the wind, emitted their magnificent perfume and created a magical vision. The wind is a beautiful woman who catches the scent to wear it. I would like to help capture that magic in an Eau de Parfum to give those who wear it the intensity, sweetness and emotion of those moments" - Michele Boellis

Amaryllis Bianco is dedicated to the romantic woman who lives her fragrance and leaves an indelible memory as she passes.  Amaryllis Bianco is a very sophisticated fragrance with a white floral composition created by talented perfumer Maurizio Cerizza. Jasmin Sambac gives the royal elegance together with amaryllis flowers and white magnolias.