Absolument Parfumeur 


Pascal Rolland is the 
Absolument Parfumeur.  

He reintroduced the absinthe liquor into France, ending a ban on the “green fairy” and then turned to creating perfumes: Pascal Rolland is the Absolument Parfumeur. Between 1915 and 1999, absinthe, the liquor favoured by the poets and artists of Belle Epoque Paris, was banned, due to its ravaging effect on the brain, but after almost a century of prohibition, Pascal Rolland brought it back, with the Versinthe absinthe in 1999. In search of new sensations, he then took another step and created the first perfume with absinthe, Absolument absinthe, in 2005, becoming the first liquor-maker perfumeur. Now dedicating himself fully to fragrances with the Absolument Parfumeur brand, Pascal Rolland has the mission to create exceptional perfumes with the dream of finding the sublime perfume, the “Absolu d’Absolument”.

The Fragrances.

Absolument absinthe has a captivating and immediate alchemy with the concentration and quality of the essences giving it great persistence. On a woman’s skin, the floral notes emerge whereas on a man’s skin, the fresh spicy notes will dominate. After the success of the revolutionary Absolument absinthe, Pascal Rolland revived the tradition of haute parfumerie, a sublime blending of noble ingredients in alembic stills, resulting in rare essences, the base notes of unique and matchless perfumes. Absolument Homme and Absolument Femme continued this quest: the former is the virile scent women love to discover on their men and the latter defines absolute femininity in an amazing homage to femininity.

Inspired by the legendary 13th note, the essence that allows each of the other notes to melt, harmonize and give the perfume its incredible and provocative power, Pascal Rolland asked chef René Bergès to share his knowledge of flavours in the quest to find notes and accords that were completely original in perfumery. The men’s fragrance, la Treizième Note Men is for a man of mystery, power and refinement: aromatic, fresh and spicy, it is highly innovative and complex. The feminine fragrance, La Treizième Note Women is unique, sensual, delicious and enchanting that dresses a woman in an irrepressible desire to indulge.

Aqua di Aix is a unisex fragrance, inspired by Pascal Rolland’s wife Marilyne, and a homage to refinement, audacity, mystery and the spirit of Aix-en-Provence, the charming city in southern France where Absolument Parfumeur is based, through an audacious marriage of unique and noble scents.

All our soul in our signature: Absolument Parfumeur.

ABSOLU : the Absolute or “Absolu” in French is the signature of perfection which knows no concession. In perfumery "One Absolute" is the ultimate concentrate, the noblest expression of fragrant essences. 

ABSOLUMENT : this term extends this quest for the absolute by a determination to achieve perfection. 

PARFUMEUR : perfume is our passion and our only metier.

AIX-EN-PROVENCE,  an authentic terroir: this metier   is at the heart of Provence, a true paradise for the creator of perfumes, that we exercise it. We draw inspiration from an authentic terroir but also the noblest absolutes that make up our perfumed creations. (See the book: Rare Perfumes of Provence and Riviera with Equinox editions). 

CREATOR OF RARE PERFUMES: Our talent is to create new fragrant emotions with the absolutes we have found in this field of Provencal art craftsmen (farmers, distillers ...). 

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